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Spirelli Card and Gift Box
At my last class, I taught the ladies how to do simple string art.
It took me back to my school days. I remember making big string art pictures, winding the string around nails on a wooden frame. We also made cards but we used a needle and thread and poked holes in the card to thread the string through.

I found using the scallop circles or scallop squares to be super quick and easy and yet still have a great result.

To make this Spirelli (string art) embellishment, punch out a scallop circle and tape end of the string to the centre of the scallop circle (at the back). Bring the string around to the front of the scallop circle, resting it between any two scallops, count 5 bumps or scallops and put the string down between the 5th and 6th scallop, taking it to the back.

*NB In my card sample above, I counted off 4 bumps not 5.

Wind the string around the back and bring it up to the front again at the scallop directly to the right of where you started.
(If where you started, you call scallop one, then where the string comes back around to the front would be scallop two.)


Count off 5 bumps and take the string behind again to wind it around the back of the scallop circle. It goes around to the back at the direct right of where it went around the first time. So each time you bring the string forward or take it to the back, you are just moving it to the right by one bump. Continue in this way until you have completed all the bumps

Cut the string and tape down at the back.

When you have completed the whole circle, between each bump or scallop will be two pieces of string, one string looks like it goes to the left and the other looks like it goes to the right. Use the photo of the completed card as a guide.

You can try and create different looks by changing the amount of scallops you miss in the first step. That is, instead of  counting off 5 bumps, try counting off 3, 4 or 6.
The spirelli embellishment on my card is made by counting off 4 bumps. The more bumps you miss, the closer in to the centre the spirelli circle becomes (only a small circle of the background card is revealed).
If you make one by counting off 3 bumps, you will end up with a wide Spirelli pattern and a big circle of card being revealed.
The number of bumps you have will also determine the pattern. A square scallop gives a diamond centre rather than a circle centre.

Happy Creating From Rhonda


0 # Stampin Up DemoJanet Mills 2012-05-23 15:43
;-) Thanks for shareing this cool technique Rhonda.
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